Jack Jones

Mitchell Anderson

Mark Dacosta

Natasha Stuart

Glenn Moorhouse

Rachel Thompson

Ian Tilley

Susannah Mirana

Pete Drummond

Charlotte Roberts

Casper Tromp

Joseph Calderazzo

Lozz Benson

Vanessa Tammetta

Calen Soco

9 Piece Band • String Section • Big Screen Visuals

CE announce they will be doing their Whole Lotta Love show at the Rock Lily (Star Sydney) on Thursday 28 September 2017 and will be the only show for 2017

Creative director, Joseph Calderazzo says “This will be the first time in 14 years that we’ve done this in an intimate pub-rock style setting and we’re really excited to be presenting it in this way; however, it will be the full electric extravaganza we’ve come to know and love”.

Featuring vocal performances from Jack Jones, Mitchel Anderson, Mark Dacosta, Natasha Stuart and SusannahMirana and a super band including Pete Drummond (Dragon), Ian Tilley(Boom Crash Opera), Glenn Moorehouse (American Idiot MD), Casper Tromp, Lozz Benson (That Redhead) plus the stylish string section with Rachel Thompson, Charlotte Roberts and Vanessa Tammetta all under the creative direction of Joseph Calderazzo.

A beautiful concert experience with a peerless reputation for exceptional musicianship and electrifying vocal performances that pay homage to one of the biggest bands of all time and deftly traverses rock, blues, folk, country and mythology to create an unforgettable night of physical graffiti.

Join this powerhouse band, including a string section, to passionately evoke hours of Zeppelin music and mystique, recreating the pure excitement and energy of the timeless Stairway To Heaven, Kashmir, Black Dog, Battle of Evermore, Immigrant song and so many more.

It’s standing room only and capacity is limited so get your tickets today.

“Matches anything in this vein presented worldwide!”

Michael Smith, The Music

Battle of Evermore Steve Balbi & Natasha Stuart at The State Theatre, Sydney, 2013


Saw you Guys last night. Best ever Whole Lotta Love and I mean EVER!!! Joseph you had every reason to have a little smile to yourself on quite a few occasions during the gig. You guys all nailed it!

Chris Pillidge, NSW

I have just seen this amazing show. From the moment the show opened I was stunned. The music and singers were outstanding. From a huge Zep fan I was absolutely blown away.

Karen Carli, NSW

You guys rock! Thankyou so much for your amazing talent, dedication and genius. Joseph, bless you and your love of music and your unfathomable talent. Looking forward to the next show!!

Deb Ware, NSW




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