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Australia’s Longest Running Led Zeppelin Homage Concert

“No one can do homage shows like CCEntertainment!”

Christie Eliezer, Beat

The Show: About The Whole Lotta Love Led Zeppelin Celebration

A scintillating concert experience with a peerless reputation for exceptional musicianship and electrifying vocal performances that pays homage to one of the biggest bands of all time and deftly traverses rock, blues, folk, country and mythology to create an unforgettable night of physical graffiti.

Join a powerhouse 9 piece band, including string section, to passionately evoke 2.5 hours of Zeppelin music and mystique, recreating the pure excitement and energy of the timeless Stairway To Heaven, Kashmir, Black Dog, Battle of Evermore, Immigrant song and so many more.

The CCE Presence…

CCEntertainment was established in 2003 by Martin Contemprée and Joseph Calderazzo, with the stated aim of producing concerts of the highest quality that celebrate and reinterpret the words and music of iconic bands and recording artists from the 60s and 70s. To date, they have achieved this with capacity crowds at some prestigious Sydney venues including The Enmore Theatre, The Lyric Theatre and The Basement. They have also established a passionate following and string of sold out concerts at The Laycock St Theatre in Gosford. CCE have produced spectacular outdoor concerts for the 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 ‘Music By Moonlight’ at Sydney Olympic Park. So far more than 60,000 people have enjoyed a CCE concert and become part of a large and loyal following of repeat attendees. CCE has been featured numerous times in all forms of mainstream media including TV, Radio, Print and Online. If you like the celebrations of your favourite bands to be authentic yet contemporary, and the performers to be interpreters, not mimics, then you will feel right at home at a CCE show.

Performers: Some of Australia’s finest singers and musicians have performed on CCE shows and they have unearthed and exposed a wealth of emerging talent to a broader audience. Performers have included Dave Gleeson (Screaming Jets), Jenny Morris, Sarah Mcleod, John Paul Young, David Campbell, Christine Anu, Jack Jones (Southern Sons), Wes Carr, Erik Weideman (1927),iOTA , Kevin Bennett (The Flood), Zkye, Jade MacRae, Jeff Martin (Tea Party), James Blundell, Felicity,  Steve Balbi (Noiseworks), Natasha Stuart (Tina Arena), Simon Meli (Widowbirds), Mark Palmer (Wheatus), Susannah Mirana (Linki), Robyn Loau, Louise Anton, Deborah Krizak, Mitch Anderson, Amy Findlay (Stonefield), Scott Aplin (The Voice), Dario Bortolin (Baby Animals), Melinda Jackson (Rogue Traders), Hugh Wilson (Lenny Kravitz Band),Tim Hartwig, Charmaine Ford,  Yolanda Thomas, Mark Dacosta, Evelyn Duprai, Pete Skelton, Chris E Thomas, Warren Trout, Wayne Jury, Patrick McMahon, Mandi Jarry, Danny Marx Young, Spencer Jones, Erana Clark, Mark Williams (Dragon), Brett Hunt, Elliott Weston, Karl Broadie,  Dave Wilkins, Jackie Bristow, and Steve Clisby.

The CCEntertainment concert series includes the successful Pink Floyd ‘Great Gig In The Sky‘, Led Zeppelin ‘Whole Lotta Love‘, Rolling Stones ‘Beggars Banquet’, The Eagles ‘One Of These Nights’, The Beatles ‘A Day In The Life 1967 – 1970’, Stevie Wonder ‘Songs In The Key Of Life‘, Elton John ‘Captain Fantastic’, The Doors ‘Feast Of Friends’ the homage to the great singer-songwriters ‘Storylines’, the individual solo careers of the fab four from 1970 – 1980 ‘After the Beatles‘ and ‘Tangled Up In Dylan’ shows.

Christie Eliezer from themusic.com.au has enthused that “no one can do tribute shows like CCEntertainment can. The performer’s sheer love for the music is what makes these concerts so special!”

The ‘Whole Lotta Love’ Led Zeppelin celebration was the first ever concert produced by CCE, performed at the legendary Basement in Sydney on August 15, 2003. Joseph Calderazzo had previously produced two successful acoustic Zeppelin shows at the Iguana Bar prior to this, so it was most appropriate that the mighty opening riff of ‘Rock and Roll’, which began the Basement show, also heralded the arrival of CCE.

In September 2009 the 7th annual ‘Whole Lotta Love’ took CCE to a new and bigger stage, The Enmore Theatre, where a capacity crowd saw an extraordinary concert that finished with a standing ovation, summed up by this quote: “a stunning night of rock and roll, I felt I was in the presence of Led Zeppelin”. Rod Quinn, ABC Radio.

CCE collaborated with Tim Woods Entertainment in 2010 which saw the show debut at the Civic Theatre in Newcastle, the Palais Theatre in Melbourne and the Burswood Theatre in Perth.

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A stunning night of Rock and Roll! Rod Quinn

702 ABC

Bravo, ‘Whole Lotta Love’ is a triumph! Rod Quinn

702 ABC

Led Zeppelin was the most influential hard rock band of all time, bar none. Their chemistry of four extremely talented musicians is to this day unparalleled, as is the fantastic music they produced. Slash

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