Aussie mash-up catches Madonna’s eye

An Australian producer’s mash-up video has inspired Madonna to rock out to Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love.

Tom Compagnoni from NSW, whose online alias is WaxAudio, combined Madonna’s 1990 hit Justify My Love with Led Zeppelin’s 1973 track Whole Lotta Love for one incredibly cool video.

It’s so cool, in fact, it prompted Madonna to learn the riff to the Zeppelin track and post a video playing it on her Instagram page.

The musical chameleon looked every inch the rock goddess dressed in black trousers, buckled black boots and a zip-up top, with her hair in plaits, and topped off with some fingerless black gloves.

“Channelling Led Zeppelin. Whole Lotta Love. #rebelheart,” she posted alongside a video of her making a fine attempt at the infamous rock riff.

The video has gained a lot of interest from online news outlets around the world and Compagnoni has even been speaking with Madonna’s guitarist, Monte Pittman, directly about it.

“I noticed that Monte Pittman started following me on Twitter and I believe he retweeted the video,” Compagnoni told AAP.

Soon after, the NSW producer also noticed that Madge tweeted a video of her playing the riff to the rock song and he knew it couldn’t just be a coincidence. It didn’t take long for Compagnoni to get confirmation of his mash-up’s influence after he reached out on social media.

“I sent a message via Twitter to Monte Pittman and he was very friendly and cool, and we got chatting straight away and he said `Yeah, we both watched the mash-up and loved it, and I showed her (Madonna) the riff and she put it out’,” he said.

Compagnoni spends a lot of time on his mash-up videos for his WaxAudio Vimeo account. Several of them have gained global attention, including one quirky mix of the Ghostbusters theme tune with AC/DC’s Thunderstruck, called Thunder Busters.

He spent several weeks on the Justify A Whole Lotta Love mash-up to get the sound just right.

“I tinkered with it over a long period of time. I work mostly on the audio side and then I put the video together over a couple of days on the laptop,” he said.

It’s not often that songs in mash-ups have a thematic link but when it does, Compagnoni says it really enhances the end result.

“In this instance it’s two iconic songs about physical love,” he said.

“A Whole Lotta Love is that early `70s male perspective on love … then you’ve got the early `90s post-feminist Madonna version. They complement each other beautifully because you’ve got Robert Plant singing `I’m going to give you every inch of my love’ and then you’ve got, 20 years later, Madonna saying `Well no, you’ve got to justify my love’, and I think that just works.”

Madonna just announced she will be touring Australia early next year for the first time in 23 years.

The 56-year-old singer will play six arena shows in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane as part of her Rebel Heart world tour to promote her 13th studio album.

Perhaps this will inspire the singer to play the Zeppelin hit on stage.

By Danielle McGrane

To view Justify A Whole Lotta Love go to Wax Audio’s Vimeo Account:

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