BEAT MAGAZINE MELBOURNE an interview with Joseph Calderazzo

BEAT MAGAZINE MELBOURNE an interview with Joseph Calderazzo Wednesday 29/09/2010 Righto – first things first – the event name: how did you come up with it, and what’s it all about? Whole Lotta Love is the name of a well known Led Zep song and we play this show with a whole lotta love. And what’s the damn show all about? It’s all about the passion we share for the music of the mighty Led Zeppelin. What made you decide to put together the event? It was something that I’ve wanted to do for years and it kept visiting my conscious mind and eventually got to the point where I couldn’t NOT do it. Why should people be interested in what you’re doing? Because it’s a glimpse into some great music of the 70’s. Because it’s done for the right reason; we love what we do. Because it features a mix of amazing fresh Australian talent as well as some well-seasoned favorites. Because most of us have traveled from Sydney to do this show. Who should people check out – because if they don’t they’ll hate themselves for it? This is a straight ahead concert so unless they fall asleep they won’t miss a thing. If one was to ignore their ears, what will the event smell, feel, look and taste like? To ignore your ears at a Led Zep celebration show would be difficult as it can be quite loud, however; it will look quite the spectacle with lights, big screen action and some larger than life personalities on stage, it will taste like a glass of French... read more

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