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Paul Southwell in conversation with Joseph Calderazzo Australia’s own Whole Lotta Love Led Zeppelin celebration will hit their tenth anniversary this year. Helmed by proven and highly capable director Joseph Calderazzo, Australian Guitar’s Paul Southwell managed to chat to the busy man about all things Zeppelin. Led Zeppelin has such a vast back catalogue. How do you pick and choose songs? That is really hard and to get that right I think we’d need to do three nights. It is only a two and a half hour show. We’d probably get about 19 songs in as some are quite long. It comes down to picking the song that is most representative of particular styles like folk with “The Battle Of Evermore” to being kind of pressured into doing “Stairway To Heaven”. We have to do “Kashmir” and then “The Rain Song”. We use strings in the last half and that takes it to a different level within the journey. It is only three strings but it is just enough. There is a lot of great string stuff with Zeppelin such as “Four Sticks” and of course “The Rain Song”. We try to cover all of the elements that made Zeppelin what they were. Have there been any copyright issues with Zep’s management? No, it is just a cover band so there have been no issues. At a theatre level we have to pay APRA, we have to list the songs we are doing, they take a percentage of the box office and that goes back to the writers. If you are playing it in a pub, you don’t have... read more

Whole Lotta Love Announces 2015 Sydney and Central Coast Shows!

“Matches anything in this vein presented worldwide”  Michael Smith – The Music For Release: Friday, 29 May 2015: Australia’s longest running Led Zeppelin celebration concert, WHOLE LOTTA LOVE, returns to Sydney’s State Theatre on Saturday, 5 September, 2015 and the Laycock Street Theatre in North Gosford on Friday, 28 August and Saturday, 29 August, 2015. WHOLE LOTTA LOVE 2015 will once again recreate the magic and mystique of Led Zeppelin with another sensational group of guest vocalists including: Sarah McLeod (The Superjesus) Simon Meli (The Widowbirds) Dallas Frasca Frank Lakoudis (The Voice) Coinciding with the 40th anniversary of the release of Led Zeppelin’s seminal Physical Graffiti double album this year, WHOLE LOTTA LOVE is an unrivalled concert experience that has toured all over Australia and built a peerless reputation for exceptional interpretations, stunning musicianship and spine-tingling moments throughout it’s eleven year history and 2015’s vocalist line-up will be sure to have audiences needing coolin’, way down inside. Joined by a 9 piece band featuring some of the country’s best rock musicians under the creative direction of Joseph Calderazzo (guitars), string section and big screen visuals, WHOLE LOTTA LOVE will deftly traverse the back catalogue of the biggest band in rock history. Universally recognised as one of the world’s most influential bands since forming in 1968, Led Zeppelin produced nine studio albums, three live albums, and have sold a staggering 300+ million albums worldwide featuring guitarist Jimmy Page, singer Robert Plant, bass player John Paul Jones and drummer John Bonham. Passionate interpretations of Stairway To Heaven, Rock And Roll, Kashmir, The Rain Song, Moby Dick, Black Dog, Ramble On, No Quarter,... read more
Forte: Whole Lotta Love

Forte: Whole Lotta Love

Q&A with Amy Findlay No matter who you are or what your taste in music is, chances are you love at least one Led Zeppelin song, or you’ve got some sort of childhood memory attached to their bands. We had a chat to Amy Findlay, drummer for Stonefield, who’s set to perform in the Led Zeppelin celebration show: Whole Lotta Love. So normally you’re playing drums and singing for Stonefield, how did you get on board for the Whole Lotta Love show? A while ago I sang a couple of guest songs for Frank Zappa cover band Petulant Frenzy.One of the guys from that band is friends with the organiser of the Whole Lotta Love shows and put us in touch. It’s been a very different experience for me. I am so used to singing my own songs, so there is a lot of pressure when performing Led Zeppelin songs for hardcore fans! It’s also a lot of fun and an honour to sing some of my favourite songs. And the rest of Stonefield weren’t interested in the part? The way the show works is that they have a great band for the whole show and rotate guest vocalists. It makes for a really entertaining, exciting show. I guess being a vocalist opens me up for a lot more opportunities like this. It must be pretty great knowing you’re a part of such a well-respecting and long-running national show? For sure, I feel totally honoured to have been asked in the first place. The musicians I get to sing with are pretty phenomenal! Growing up were you always a big fan... read more

Remembering The First Time

Do you remember the first time you heard a recording by Led Zeppelin. If you are my vintage it would have been in the late 60’s, and it would have been either on radio (AM only – this was well before the advent of FM in Australia), or on vinyl LP (it was also way before cassette, CD, Mini-Disc etc.) Earlier this year, under the watchful eye of Jimmy Page, the first three Zeppelin albums were remastered and re-released. However this time round the formats of choice are a little more varied, with a variety of packages available encompassing Vinyl (high quality 180gram pressing), CD and High-Definition download. This was the first release of the entire nine studio albums which will be re-released over time (the next two are due in October), and which also includes a considerable repertoire of previously unreleased material. The fact that Vinyl features so heavily in this release is probably not surprising to many, the return of vinyl as a format has been well documented by the press in recent times. What is significant is that irrespective of how cherished the memories of your first introduction to Zeppelin is, you now have the opportunity to revisit their music at performance levels never available before. Before you correctly surmise that given the march of technology this should be expected you need to remember that ours is an industry that insists on striving for increased convenience at the expense of performance. The claims that CD was an inferior format to vinyl are justified. Cassette was a further step backwards, but nowhere near the giant leap backwards... read more

Jimmy Page

Australian Guitar’s Craig White goes behind the curtain for a unique look at the life and legacy of Led Zeppelin immortal guitar genius, Jimmy Page. The story of Led Zeppelin and ace guitarist Jimmy Page has been recounted so often that we have to assume anyone reading a guitar magazine is familiar with at least the basic details. Formed in the wake of the Yardbirds, and for a short period billed as the New Yardbirds, the band would come to be called Led Zeppelin, which was a jokey name attributed to Keith Moon that compared their imagined reception to the fate of a lead balloon, though on a much grander scale. The spelling was altered at the suggestion of manager Peter Grant so that Americans would not pronounce it as if it rhymed with ‘feed’. Page and bassist John Paul Jones were accomplished London session hands, while vocalist Robert Plant and stickman John Bonham were from the West Midlands and had played together previously. The chemistry was there from the first moment, and the band would go on to record six era-defining albums in as many years, each of which the All Music Guide rates as a five-star effort. The band is widely regarded as the prime progenitor of modern hard rock music and the myriad genres that have derived from it. Page produced the recordings and devised recording techniques that lent Led Zeppelin albums a unique vibe that has rarely been emulated successfully. He insisted on regularly switching recording engineers so that it would be clear that Page alone was responsible for the signature sound. His influence on... read more

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