Nicole Hawkins

Touted by many as the new ‘Queen of Aussie Rock’, Nicole Hawkins, frontwoman and singer-songwriter of GRANDHOUR (who were recently crowned ‘Australian Independent Rock Artist of the year’), will captivate you with her emotive vocals. A blend of sensitivity, storytelling, power and raw emotion makes Nicole a vocalist who demands the attention of her audience.

As one of the country’s most talented emerging songwriters, there is a refreshing honesty in Nicole’s emotionally thoughtful lyrics, whether written from a place of heartbreak or hope. Nicole’s influences stem from artists such as Carole King, Jeff Buckley, Queen, Led Zepplin, INXS, Chris Cornell & U2 to name a few. Writing songs since the age of 12, at 18 she was selected as a winning songwriter for the International Year Of Tolerance National Songwriting  Competition and her original song was included on a commercially released CD with the likes of Kate Cebrano & Died Pretty.

Nicole was immersed into the world of music at a young age with a father who is a Jazz musician. Her first instrument was piano, and although she began with the Suzuki ear training method and performed at the Sydney Opera House, Nicole didn’t continue with formal classical musical training, instead opting for guitar as her instrument of choice to accompany her songwriting; preferring the freedom of basic training and self-experimentation. Vocally, Nicole has worked with various teachers including David Jaanz and studied under Ken Taplin’s rock vocal method.

A born performer, Nicole has performed her original music in venues around Melbourne and supported the likes of Bic Runga, Shawn Mullins, Russel Morris, Dallas Crane, Karnavool, performed as backing vocalist with Christine Anu on National television and performed the Australian Anthem to a crowd of 35,000 people at the Drag Racing Nationals to a standing ovation. Although she loves recording in the studio, Nicole’s favourite place is on the stage performing – it is her happy place – whether performing on a large stage with a rock band or in an intimate solo or duo setting.

Nicole is currently recording the second album with her band GRANDHOUR and is working on a new duo project  ‘DIAMOND & NIGHTHAWK’ which promises to display another side of Nicole’s songwriting and musical style.

What others have said:

“You can’t help thinking of some of the female legends of rock like Lita Ford or Pat Benatar when you hear Nicole sing”

  • Black Velvet Magazine – UK

“[GRANDHOUR’S] sensational debut sits nicely alongside other female-fronted rock acts such as Halestorm, NR, RD & Benetar.”

– Mark Donnelly, Rocktopia

“Fabulous diverse vocals from Nicole Hawkins, a lady who has a set of pipes up there with the best of them.”

  • Fireworks Magazine – UK
Grant Naylor, Percussion

Grant Naylor, Percussion

Grant Naylor has performed in over 25 different countries, performing the European festival circuit extensively (including Glastonbury, Womad, Edinburgh, North Sea Jazz, and Pepsi Seiget Budapest.)

Grant has performed to audiences of up to 30,000 and more, he is truly a seasoned professional, astounding the crowd where ever he performs. Grant Naylor has performed mainly throughout Europe and Asia, performing with bands of all styles with DJ ‘s and theatre companies.

Grant first played with DJ’s in London @ the infamous club “Heaven” and has toured the electronic music circuit extensively throughout Eastern and Western Europe.

Headlining a lot of festivals with trance techno outfit “Tribal Drift” (who were number 3 in the charts in eastern Europe) Grant has been heavily involved with African music for many years and has toured the big festivals of the U.K. and Europe, performing with an array of West African bands and drumming and dance troupes.

In Australia Grant performs with Bands, DJs and African Drumming Troupes You can catch him in Sydney clubs, high prole corporate events or anywhere from coast to coast touring with some of Australia’s best acts.

Dan McMurray, Drums

Dan McMurray, Drums

Dan is a Sydney based Drummer with an extensive background of influences and experience. Starting from a young age and growing up with a gospel background, he was playing live in front of crowds from as young as the age of 6. It wasn’t long before his keen ear for diverse styles and genres fuelled his fire for music, in particularly drumming.

He is a member of Australian indie rock band Battleships, who have been travelling nationally playing with bands including Boy and Bear, The Paper Kites and The Preatures. Dan is also currently playing for X Factor artist Cat Vas and The Voice’s Nick Kingswell. He brings a natural rock edge to his playing and an energy to the stage that is sure to capture the heart behind the music.

Jan Bangma

Jan Bangma

Jan has been working as a professional musician in Sydney for the last 10 years, playing, touring and recording with a diverse range of artist both locally and internationally.

These include Boy and Bear, Josh Pyke, Lisa Mitchell, Tin Sparrow, Lachy Doley, Christine Anu, Mitch Anderson, Amali Ward, Casey Donovan, Clare Bowditch, Georgia Fair The Widowbirds and more.

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