Cream of Australia’s musical crop

You’d have needed a spare hanky last Saturday night to wipe away the drool as the cream of Australia’s musical crop sweated over each individual note, paying loving respect to songs so close to the heart of fans.“But I know I got one thing I gotta do” sings Widowbirds front man and now The Voice star Simon Meli as he opens crowd favourite Ramble On. And don’t we love it.The stellar creative direction of this show is evident, as the set flows from one hit to the next, kept fresh with lesser known tracks, and the ever-changing vocal line up, including Jimmy Cupples and that trademark soaring finish in Whole Lotta Love that we’ve all been waiting for. Even if like me, you’ve only ever enjoyed Led Zepplin from a distance, there’s so much to love about this show, including how much bang you get for your buck.

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