Danny Marx Young, Vocals

Danny Marx Young, Vocals

Danny Marx Young travelled Germany and performed 30 dates in and around 35 days, which fuelled his passion for being a frontman. Upon his return, Young started a rock band where he entertained the local surf scene whilst building a following. he came through to win a national song contest presented by 2DayFM’s Ugly Phil.

Danny played several roles in Australian dramas including All Saints, Home and Away and Breakers. He also did a season of Musical theatre and moonlighted for band Deep Squeeze.

looking to bigger and better things, young established a band called Circlework and Toured the East Coast of Australia. Liaising with the likes of Billy Thorpe and Molly Meldrum, Young received Thorpe’s glowing review that he had a singing style which stood out from other singers in the industry. It was then that Circlework began working with legendary producer Harry Vanda, who is renowned for his work writing and producing hits for a number of groups and solo singers including John Paul Young (Danny’s father), Rose Tattoo, The Angels and AC/DC.

Not enough to hold Young’s full attention he began pursuing other projects before being scouted for a new Australian megaband under Vanda’s Management. Following a break up over artistic differences, Zumanity was born.

Since then, Young has enjoyed a triumphant period of song writing and performances, both with the band and on a solo level. Danny also participated on the soundtrack for Australian film Razzle Dazzle doing a blistering cover of Angry Anderson’s ‘Bound For Glory’.

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