Mark Dacosta

Mark Dacosta

Mark Da Costa is a Sydney based singer/song writer. You may have seen him on Australian Idol in 2007 as a top 12 contestant or simply seen him lighting up the stage live at a local Sydney pub playing with his cover band “The Black List”. When he appeared on Australian Idol, he rocked the house with his renditions of Evie by Stevie Wright and Whole Lotta Love by Zepplin.

Mark Da Costa is now well on the way to establishing himself as an original solo rock/pop artist. He wants to prove that it is possible to manage your own career and release a quality record without the help of a major label. Not wanting to discredit the great work the majors do, but to simply achieve a career in music on his own hard work and artistic integrity would be the ultimate goal.

Mark is an unbelievable vocal powerhouse and demonstrates his love of the Rock genre in every performance he gives.

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