Pete Robinson, Guitars

Pete Robinson, Guitars

Pete was born in Southport, England, his father was the singer in a band that did numerous tours in England and Europe but alas his parents decided a better life was to be had for the family so at age 6 Pete and Family moved to Australia. At age 8 his parents bought him a guitar and he hasn’t put it down since.

In the late 90’s Pete started performing with Aussie Aria award nominee Marie Wilson which took him on extensive touring throughout Australia and then on to USA to record with producer Joe Hardy (ZZ Top) the soundtrack for ANYWHERE BUT HERE, starring Susan Sarandon.

Now Pete is playing guitar with some legends of the Australian music industry, Russell Morris, Brian Cadd, Masters Apprentices, Darryl Cotton and Jim Keays. This has taken him to play for the troops in East Timor and The Solomon Islands. He has also recorded 2 albums with Russell Morris and is contiuing to write and record more with Russell Morris and Electric Mary.

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