Steve Balbi, Vocals

Steve Balbi, Vocals

Steve Balbi has transformed from one of Australia’s leading songwriters, first with Noiseworks, followed by Electric Hippies, to become a dynamic solo performer. His compelling music and unique style transcends generations.

Steve recalls… “It was my teenage years and the Mosman Hotel on Friday nights grew out of control. We would pack this joint out and shortly after we started to play around town. I was spotted at a joint in Kings Cross by Kevin Borich, Australian Blues Legend. He asked me to join the Kevin Borich Express and I still hold this as an honour.

At age 20 I met Justin Stanley from an ad in the Herald that read, ‘Song writer looking for song writer to write with’. I met Stuart Frazer at a gig I was doing with Kevin Borich – he was working with Jon Stevens and Kevin Nicol (The Change) at the time and needed a bass player for a session… I did the session and they kept bugging me to join the band for about a year. I kept telling them I was already starting a band with Justin and I really wanted to play guitar and sing, but Stuart in his comical way said “well, can we join your band”. I thought it wouldn’t hurt to have a jam, so Noiseworks began.

Ten years on, Justin and I started producing different music – Vincent Stone, Jenny Morris, Max Sharam, Leonardo’s Bride, Juice, Nikka Costa. Then came the Electric Hippies, in fact we always were the Electric Hippies. We made one record that took us back overseas to Europe with eager fans, a record label and radio play all believing in us big time…”

After playing sell-out concerts, touring the world and receiving numerous awards including three ARIA Double Platinum Records and three ARIA Gold Records, Steve emerged from the darker side of rock‘n’roll with an energy and authenticity that has created an underground swell amongst new fans.

Steve connects with his audience through his genuine, expressive and powerful performances that leave fans, new and old, truly captivated. He states… “To express oneself through the arts is a true gift and comes with it, an opportunity to create something new and unique.”

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